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Educational, unique, fun, affordable…these words come to mind when describing Write Local’s homeschool offerings.

Did you know? Write Local’s founder, Krista Sarraf, was homeschooled! We have a solid understanding of the challenges and joys of homeschooling, and we’re here to help.

Get involved to supplement your writing curriculum today. 

Creative Writing Clubs: currently, Write Local meets monthly with students from Laurel Mountain Classical Academy, a co-op based in Latrobe. If you would like to form a Write Local group with your homeschool co-op, please let us know. You only need five students to officially form a Creative Writing Club, and we will form a schedule and curriculum to meet your needs and interests.

Mentoring: the mentoring program is perfect for homeschoolers who want to write more. If you are writing for fun in your free time and want a little guidance, contact us to get a free, volunteer mentor. Our mentors are experienced writers who love talking about writing. Typically, students meet with their mentors once a month for an hour and email in between meetings. Meetings occur in public places such as libraries and coffee shops. Mentors can help you set writing goals and hold you accountable.

Workshops: our workshops are always open to homeschoolers. To see a current schedule, please visit our events calendar.

Sarah and Abby Opst

If you are interested in private tutoring, please contact Krista Sarraf at Currently, private tutoring is not a service offered by Write Local, but we can put you in touch with qualified tutors in the area.