Getting Started

By Maya Koparkar

So you’ve decided you want to start writing. Good for you! The only problem is, you don’t know where to start. No worries. Getting started is one of the hardest parts of being a writer, but trust me, once you get started, you’ll be unstoppable.

Look for inspiration.

Have a favourite author/book/blog? Read over your favorite pieces of writing and get inspired by aspects such as style, theme, content, etc., that you could potentially apply to your own writing. Every piece that you read is a learning experience from which you can develop. Alternatively, tap into what you’re passionate about. You’ll find no shortage of content in the things you have a genuine interest in.

Keep track of your ideas.

Write down ideas for anything you want to write about. ANYTHING. The good, the bad, the ugly. Start building up an “ideas bank” that you can look to for inspiration. Also, remember that an idea can strike at any moment. Don’t let your good ideas go to waste! Write them down whenever you think of them. You never know when you’ll come back to one the ideas you’ve collected and find a good use for it.

Guided writing is helpful.

Out of ideas? Try looking up writing prompts, or even better, attend a workshop or submit to a contest, such as the ones Write Local offers. Sometimes, prompts will give you the appropriate guidance and push to get started and will open you up to topics you never thought you could write about initially!

Finally, don’t give up!

When I was in 15, I had the opportunity to meet Neil Pasricha, author of the blog ‘1000 Awesome Things‘ as well as ‘The Book of Awesome’ and its sequels.

A 15-year old me was starstruck!

As an eager young writer looking to get started myself, I asked him for advice. He told me that no matter what, you’ve just got to keep writing. Even if you have bad ideas, or don’t feel like writing, or don’t know what you are doing, you’ve just got to push through and write, and you will immediately feel better as well as form a habit, which will lead your writing to become consistent over time.

Everyone has to start somewhere. All of your favourite authors did, and now it’s your turn. So let’s get started!

About Maya Koparkar: Maya Koparkar is an 18-year old university student from McGill University with a passion for writing and sharing what she has to say with the world. Beyond her work with Write Local, she runs her own blog:

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