Home Contest Non-Local Adult Honorable Mention

Home Contest Non-Local Adult Honorable Mention

By Aarushi Agrawal / San Jose, CA

Home is where

The inner peace takes over mind.

Cement of love will

keep family members bind.

Home is where

The heart craves to return.

Fire of gripes and grudges

is often seem to burn.

Home is where

Empathy is must to survive.

Floors of pains and sorrows

not burnished but are skived.

Home is where

The discipline see, no neglect.

Facade of terms and house rules,

so robust to keep the members intact.

Home is where

We argue and we fight.

Windows of adjustments

will open to a delightful sight.

Home is where

Expectations are kept very low.

Garden of “forget and forgive everyone”

will often blossom and grow.Home is where

Respect is given to each one’s say.

Doors of discussion and communication

will keep the infliction at bay.

Home is where

Members have faith and support.

Walls of trust and fidelity strong stand

to hold the roof of rapport.

Home is where

The family happiness comes first.

Hinges of laughters and chatters

can never go squeak in rust.

Home is where

We always believe in the unity.

Blinds of blunders and mistakes are rolled down,

we brace to fend for familial dignity.

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