Creative Thinking Events

For a full schedule of creative thinking events, please review our calendar.

Creative thinking events (aka workshops) are educational, but they feel very little like a traditional classroom. The environment is almost party-like as the energy in the room keeps participants enthusiastic and relaxed. The goal is to unleash creativity and to have a blast doing so.creative thinking process

We teach the creative thinking process. Similar to the writing process (brainstorm, draft, revise, edit), creative thinking is a recursive process. In case you’re a visual person, the creative thinking process looks something like this:

Creative thinking events allow writers to come up with new ideas, try out those ideas, revise them, and repeat as desired. This type of thinking boosts confidence and encourages expression.

We staff each event with our trained, passionate facilitators. Our student-centered approach requires facilitators to mentor, not lecture, as writers drive the process.

Past Creative Thinking Events

Stories about Home: express yourself with words and bring your stories to life! Individuals brainstorm and compose stories – both fiction and non-fiction – inspired by their homes. Many of these stories are now featured in Issue 1 of our literary magazine, Voices. Request a copy today.

Literary Magazine Release Party: learn from a panel of published authors about the creative process. Listen to readings by Write Local students and contest winners, and support your home-town literary magazine at this fundraising event.

Poems & Paintings: view paintings and write poems to go with them! This workshop is available to students of all ages, including adults. Book your BYOB Poem & Painting event today!

Yoga & Writing: bring your mind to stillness for reflective writing with Write Local. Build balance from the earth up, awareness from the inside out. Gently play with postures, balance, mindfulness, breath, attention, gratitude and kindness blended with time and prompts for reflective writing.

Fictional Worldbuilding:  learn the basics of building a fictional setting for your story. Drawing inspiration from your favorite books, you will explore different kinds of worlds, design a world of your own, and write a story set in that place. By the end of the workshop, you will have written your own story that you can share with the real world!