Jonathan Sarraf

Jonathan, Write Local’s Business Analyst, is passionate about building a strong community program. He works on everything from promotional materials, to relationship building, to market analysis.

Further, Jonathan is a creative-type. He is a classically trained drummer, a skill he translated into time with a touring band. He is currently working on a lyric writing creative thinking event for Write Local.

As someone who finds expression in music, Jonathan shows a true passion for bringing creative outlets to local youth. Plus, as a long-time resident of Latrobe, he appreciates the unique manufacturing history of this area and the need for economic innovation in our downtown center.

Jonathan studied Business and Entrepreneurship at Penn State Altoona. Beyond his work with Write Local, Jonathan is a Marketing Analyst for Carpenter Technology Corporation in Latrobe. Through Carpenter, he volunteers with “The Career Café” where he teaches local 5th graders about jobs in manufacturing.