Why Write?

By Maya Koparkar

Writing is a tool as well as a pastime.

Whether it is something you do for leisure, or you aren’t a fan at all, most people can agree on the fact that writing is important.

Writing is important for your career.

First of all, in all of life’s endeavors, communication is of the utmost importance. Even if you’re working in a field that seems totally outside the realm of the written word, you will still at some point find yourself writing something. If you’re a scientist preparing to publish a report on your findings, you need to be able to present your data in the most clear and understandable way possible, and the best way to make sure you achieve this objective is to be able to hone your writing skills.

Writing is truly a life tool that is transferable across many disciplines, so even though it may not be central to what you are doing in your life, it is always a useful skill to develop.

Besides this, writing is also an academic skill and is required at all levels of education. 

Aside from work and school related skills, writing is useful in the broader sense of communication as well as expression.

Writing helps you express yourself.

Speaking from personal experience, I was never the type of person comfortable with talking about my experiences or expressing myself orally, so writing was the perfect outlet for me to convey my emotions and be able to express myself. Slowly, as I wrote more and more, I began to really love writing and the freedom of expression it gave me. After time, because I had so much experience with writing, I started sharing my writing with others and writing publicly. Not everyone has to follow this path, however. It is perfectly fine to have your writing be totally personal and private.

The fact that you now have an outlet of expression is by far the most important aspect of writing.

Writing has many uses.

Ultimately, writing, whether it is something you do for yourself or others, or is simply a skill you develop for more administrative reasons, is a necessary tool in everyone’s lives. So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

Not sure where to start? Watch out for next week’s blog post on how to get started!

About Maya Koparkar: Maya Koparkar is an 18-year old university student from McGill University with a passion for writing and sharing what she has to say with the world. Beyond her work with Write Local, she runs her own blog: www.chlorinatedmind.tumblr.com.

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